Our Offerings


Agri Tech

Our Agri Tech service empowers farmers with cutting-edge equipment, software, and digital solutions to optimize their farming practices and increase productivity.


Expert Advice

Our Expert Advice service connects farmers with knowledgeable experts who offer valuable insights, strategies, and personalized advice to tackle farming challenges effectively and sustainably.


Local Resources

Our Local Resources service provides farmers with information on local markets, suppliers, weather updates, and government schemes to support their agricultural journey and enhance market connectivity.

Unlock the Benefits of Khetishop

Experience a multitude of advantages by leveraging Khetishop’s expertise and resources for your agricultural pursuits.

Enhanced Efficiency

Leverage cutting-edge technology and expert advice to boost productivity and streamline agricultural operations.

Access to Resources

Tap into a vast array of local resources and industry insights to optimize your farming practices and stay ahead in the market.

Sustainable Solutions

Embrace sustainable farming methods and contribute to the preservation of the environment while ensuring long-term agricultural success.

Join us in revolutionizing Indian agriculture with Khetishop’s solutions.

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